»Lighting solutions that allow the specifier to treat a complete installation with one unified style.«

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Mae's Fanny
»We develop luminaires to meet the demands of architects, designers and lighting consultants.«

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Brightness is in the eye of the beholder

Our perception of the ‘brightness’ of a space is primarily based on what we see at a glance as we scan around us. In architecture this is often walls and vertical surfaces, so, how well the walls are illuminated at approximately eye level is the key factor in our determination of how well a space is lit. Within such a space, which surfaces and or planes should be revealed in order to support the architectural concept?

Whitegoods fixtures are designed to support our philosophy around the delivery of light. We believe that light should feel natural within a space, as if the light itself breathes from the architecture. Our luminaires and integration systems provide all-round vertical illumination with high angle secondary diffuse light, evenly washing surfaces with soft graduations, creating visual brightness and visual comfort.

Reduction of detail - Seamless architectural integration - Logical, modular systems and families of products - Ease of specification, installation and maintenance